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Guest Room “Kouro” means good tea and “an” means small house. As such, Kouroan is translated to mean, a small house where you can have Japanese tea. Kouroan has several tea rooms in which you may enjoy a variety of teas such as: tencha, matcha, gyukuro, hojicha, sencha, as well as several other teas. Additionally, visitors are invited to try traditional Japanese sweets and pickles. Chagama Our tea rooms are floored with tatami mats and adorned in a manner which exemplifies the simplicity of Japanese aesthetics. In adherence with tradition, our tea rooms also contain fire pits, in which water can be boiled and tea leaves roasted. Our tea house also contains a beautiful Japanese garden which is designed in traditional Japanese style. Visitors are invited to experience this unique part of our culture while sipping tea in the warm and inviting atmosphere of our tea rooms. Kouroan also features a ceremonial tea room, which may be used by visitors upon request. This room is traditionally used for tea ceremony and is open for viewing but visitors are encouraged relax over a cup of tea in its serenity.

Guest Room


All tea with 2 types of sweets




2 types of tea

  • All tea with 2 types of sweets
  • Sencha with Matcha
京都 大徳寺 皐盧庵茶舗 こうろあん Japan Tea